Black White Abstract

Black White Abstract thank you card design 80's

Black white abstract thank you card design is a modern take on the 80’s classic designs. Aah, the 80’s…We used to have this neighbor called Pam*  and she kept wearing 80’s style drop waist dresses well into the early 2000’s. She didn’t mind what decade it was, she loved her wash n wear dresses. One was an insipid pink that reminded me of candy vomit and another one was a hideously clamorous collection of spots and stripes which I won’t soon forget. The thing is, that wasn’t the most memorable thing about Pam*. Pam is so memorable to me because she had very long toenails which she painted with beige nail polish and she glued little plastic gems to them. She was trying to compete in the Guinness world records as the longest toenails, however her poor diet and inappropriate choice of shoes meant that her beloved toenails kept breaking off. Often causing her some injury and trauma to the nail bed.

*not her real name

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