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Gold and White

Gold and White

Gold and white have a timeless appeal and this design features a gold brick pattern with a classic white and gold banner design. Think of ABBA in those tight, flared jumpsuits that were often made from white fabric. Highlighting all the unmentionable regions. Then imagine you are wearing gold boots and a good song comes on. Nek minnit you are up dancing like an iced out pogo jumping enthusiast. Print as many of these as you need, or download the file and modify to suit your needs.

Gold Circular Design

Gold Circular Design thank you card free

The gold circular design reminds me of those hippy stores where you can buy incense and other patterened things from India and Nepal. Those stores always smell good because of the incense inside. They always seem to sell salt lamps too. I personally own 3 salt lamps. This gold circular design is quite nice and you wont find too many people who don’t find it agreeable. A great thank you card to print out and give to somebody to say ‘thanks’

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